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Internet Safety

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Internet Safety


Internet Safety for Everybody Powerpoint

Internet Safety for Everybody.pps


66 Ways to Protect your Privacy Right Now (from Consumer Reports, thanks RC)



Digital Literacy Website (PDF)



Region 2 Internet Safety



15 Sites & Apps Kids are Heading to



App Guide for Teachers and Parents



Digital Citizenship



Youtube Video



Cyberbullying Resources: 





http://www.commonsensemedia.org/cyberbullying/       this is great!



Anti-Bullying Videos for Kids:

To This Day Project - Shane Koyczan




Respect Rap With Prologue:



From Susan Brooks-Young:

Identifying  Bullying 

   Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment in Our Nation’s Classrooms

   How Do Schools Identify Bullying?

   Warning Signs


Defusing the situation 

   Take Action Against Bullying

   Are You a Part of the Bullying Problem?


Effective strategies 

   Guidelines for Effective Discussions about Bullying

   What Works in Bullying Prevention in Schools


Common Sense Media videos to share with students



Here are five tips on what to avoid posting on social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter:

  • Never post personal information, including your Social Security number (not even the last four digits), birthday, place of birth, home address, phone numbers, or personal account information. Any of these can be used to open bank or credit card accounts – or even loans – in your name.
  • Avoid posting a full frontal picture of yourself on social media sites. A con artist can copy the image and use it to create a photo ID that can be used to steal your identity.
  • Review and set privacy options for each of your social media accounts. Go to privacy settings and restrict your information so it can only be viewed by people you select. Check your privacy settings regularly.
  • Don’t post things you may want to delete later. Nothing you post online is every truly gone if you delete it. So think twice about the pictures or comments you share before you share them.
  • View your profile as others see it at least once a month. On Twitter, log on, click your picture, and select “View Profile.” On Facebook, simply click on your name to view your profile as others see it.



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